3% Raised

Lets Build A Paradise!

location_on Visayas, Philippines

Let's build a chain of resorts with a very different vibe, where you can have the experience of being one with nature, at the same time having peace, art and luxury along with it.

15,000,000 PHP


250,000 PHP

Min per Investor

25% Raised

Face Masks For US Market

location_on Luzon, Philippines

Everyone Wear Face Masks! With the Centers for Disease Control now recommending that Americans wear a cloth face covering to slow the spread of COVID-19, we have the solution and marketing experience to tap the US market for non-surgical face masks.

2,000,000 PHP


100,000 PHP

Min per Investor

2% Raised

Online Math Bookstore

location_on Manila, Philippines

Is a platform design to help educators and Learners have additional Math books for their teaching and learning thru connecting them to donors of used or new books (or ebooks). The recipient will have to post a review of the book they receive.

500,000 PHP


50,000 PHP

Min per Investor

100% Raised

SFC Angel Fund - SEIS/EIS

location_on London, United Kingdom

SFC Angel Fund; Invest in some of the UK's most promising startups; Full SEIS & EIS Tax Benefits; Supported by the UK Government's British Business Bank; Led investments into 200+ high-potential early-stage companies; Already raised £20mn+

310,000,000 PHP


620,000 PHP

Min per Investor

0% Raised

Virtual Treasure Hunt App

location_on India

Virtua Pirates: Allowing gamers to turn their passion into a money-making adventure as they hunt for treasure zones virtually; Already acquired a pre-seed funding of 20K GBP from 11 investors; Wireframes ready; Prototype to be developed by mid-July.

62,000,000 PHP


3,100,000 PHP

Min per Investor

0% Raised


location_on Jalisco, Mexico

FirmAuto es una compañía de financiamiento y Arrendameinto automotriz, con sede en Guadalajara, Jalisco, y con presencia a mayo del 2020 en seis estados de la República.

220,000,000 PHP


450,000 PHP

Min per Investor

63% Raised

Euclideon Entertainment

location_on Queensland, Australia

Won largest award for worlds best hologram tech. Opened Hologram entertainment centre which made record profits. Numerous malls want us to open more. Head of Nokia US joined to lead USA expansion, Very Hi Tech, Very profitable. Dividends Quarterly

160,000,000 PHP


670,000 PHP

Min per Investor

32% Raised

Algo Global LTD

location_on Distrito Federal, Mexico

Invierte desde $100 usd y generamos rendimientos superiores a los del mercado con un bajo riesgo, 6% promedio mensual

56,000,000 PHP


11,000 PHP

Min per Investor

10% Raised

Cannabis Investment

location_on Saskatchewan, Canada

Herba Farms is a hydroponic craft producer, farming the product to maximize our grow space. Received building/zoning permit & have begun construction. Website and social media platforms launched. Previously raised $2mm, Already raised $250k.

91,000,000 PHP


36,000 PHP

Min per Investor

Per Page

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